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Our Work, Cool Stuff, & More

Below you'll find links to our reports, popular and scholarly articles, and other resources that we think are nifty and cool Please feel free to DM or e-mail with suggestions to add to to the list. You can also check out our complete Google Drive of resources including our full reports, other publications, posters, photos, and other media. 

Read Our Work:
2023 Verble et al. Wildland Fire Dispatcher Environmental Health Report [Preliminary data only]
2022 Granberg et al. Wildland Firefighter Environmental Health Report

2022 Figgins Dispatcher Report
2022 Verble Essay on Albuquerque Service Center [unpublished to date]

and more-- See the entire Google Drive of our work HERE

Academic Resources:
We also maintain a Google Folder with over 250 journal articles related to wildland firefighter environmental health and safety, all downloadable and free, with a searchable CSV file of attributes-- Click HERE

Check Out These Awesome Sites, Too:
Wildfire Today
Fire Aviation
The Hot Shot Wake Up Podcast
The Anchor Point Podcast

Wildland Firefighters in the News:

NPR Thousands of Firefighters Face a Looming Pay Cut (2023)

KOIN Wildland Fire Dispatcher Article (2023)

US Forest Service Short More than 1000 Firefighters. (Buzzfeed)

Federal Firefighter Group Finds Flaws in GAO Report (GovExec)

U.S. Forest Service Faces a Morale Crisis (L.A. Times)

Low Pay, High Risk Lead to Low Morale Among Firefighters (GovTech)

Officials consider new approaches to wildfires (CBS)

Firefighter wins whistleblower complaint aga
inst US Forest Service (NBC)

Why are so many firefighters struggling to afford housing? (Capital & Main)

As fires intensify, psychologists are concerned about suicide risk among firefighters (KQED)

U.S. Firefighters on Climate Frontlines Face Broken Healthcare System (Reuters)

Fatal Echos: Firefighters protect us. Who protects them? (GovTech)

Federal firefighter asks for six specific reforms (Wildfire Today)  

Wildfires keep getting worse. Those who fight them can't take much more (Buzzfeed)

Wildland Firefighters Not Served Well by ASC (Smokejumpers Magazine 2022)

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