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Data Graphics

Please credit Granberg et al. 2022 in the use of these graphics.  Full citation:  Granberg, R., Pearson, S., and Verble, R. 2022. Survey of federal wildland firefighters: working conditions, safety, morale, & barriers to recruitment & retention. Report. Available online at 

To interpret these graphics:  Bars with a standard error bar have been Likert-scored on a 1-5 scale (1 = strongly disagree, 5 = strongly agree).  The Likert scale bar can be found on the bottom of the data graphic for the topical section.  Bars with categorical answers (e.g., yes/no) have been scaled to a 100% of total respondents and are scaled to the percentage bar on the top of the data graphic for each topical section.  Numerical data associated with these graphics can be found in the full report PDF available in the LEARN MORE tab.

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